ASUS officially announced the Matrix HD7970 Platinum

Nine months after the official announcement of the Radeon HD7900 graphics card came when from ASUS is finally ready with his “uber” version of the graphics accelerator, namely Matrix HD7970 Platinum. View previous versions of graphics accelerators with this model name, the 20 “phases” of the power of graphical kernel does not seem at all surprising.

The new model actually has and “lightweight” version, namely Matrix HD7970. In its frequency of graphic core and memory respectively 1000 MHz (1050 MHz Boost after) and 6600 MHz for the memory. As for Platinum, with her core will run at 1050 MHz (1100 MHz Boost after), and the memory will retain the aforementioned 6600 MHz. But hardly anyone would take any of the two versions of the card when its factory frequencies. As the most important features of these two boards (except 20 – “phase” power) we can mention 2x 8pin PCIe Power connectors, a special way of controlling the drop voltage to the core, special contact surfaces mods on board, button switch directly the removal of 100% and of course cooler trislotoviyat DirectCU II.

The card will offer a special switch, which switch to LN2 BIOS modified to work, which is lined by a special VRM heatsink (comes supplied with the board) for LN2 tests. The official price for the USA Matrix HD7970 Platinum is about $ 500.