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Truly Native Blazor UI Components

Develop new Blazor apps and modernize legacy web projects in half the time with a high-performing Grid and 100+ truly native, easy-to-customize Blazor components to cover any requirement.

*Includes access to online technical training to speed-up your onboarding.

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Everything You Need for Great Blazor UI

Telerik UI for Blazor delivers components to meet all app requirements for data handling, performance, UX, design, accessibility, and so much more. This Blazor app example shows just some of what you can do.

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Blazor UI Components Key Features

Find truly native Blazor components for every use case

Cut development time and cost in half with the Telerik high-performing Grid and 100+ native, easy-to-customize Blazor components to cover any app scenario. Updates released every 6 weeks!

Save months of UI development time with the feature-rich Telerik Grid

100+ features provide flexible data visualization and manipulation, rich API, professional looks and a way to satisfy any design requirement.

“I'm excited to see partners like Telerik creating custom UI controls for Blazor. The Telerik UI controls make building beautiful web apps with lots of rich functionality sooooo easy!”

Daniel Roth

Program Manager, Microsoft

Build any type of app with just one set of UI controls

Easy to customize Telerik Blazor controls through multitude of methods, properties and events, as well as professionally styled built-in themes & the Telerik Sass Theme Builder enabling you to build your own.

Get support with 97% satisfaction rates

Outstanding support from the developers who build the product to help you work out all challenges promptly.

Get started fast with our interactive learning materials

Get results within hours by experimenting with our extensive Blazor component demos, docs & online technical training to help you get started in no time.


Greatness—it’s one thing to say you have it, but it means more when others recognize it. Telerik is proud to hold the following industry awards.


Build, Run, Style and Share Your Snippets


Flexible Packaging Tailored to Your Needs

You can buy Telerik UI for Blazor individually or as a part of the DevCraft bundle. If you want to be covered for all .NET and JavaScript technologies or need a reporting, mocking or testing solution, the DevCraft bundles offers the most value for money—and the most power.

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Buy Telerik UI for Blazor

Buy the largest Blazor suite to build high-performant web apps with native Blazor UI components for any app scenario.

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Starting at $899

DevCraft Bundle

Buy DevCraft Bundle

Get the complete bundle of .NET controls, JavaScript components, reporting, automated testing and productivity tools.

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Starting at $1,299

When I became interested in blazor I tested multiple products. Telerik was both the most advanced product and the easiest to use.

jean pierre HARCOURT


Great Tool

Cesar Marquez

Engineer, nttdata


Gerardo Alexander

developer, alexcorp

Telerik Team does an awesome job constantly improving their products. The team actively engages with end-users via community forums for bug fixes, product enquiries, supports and releases. Well done! Telerik

Chun Loke

Founder, Rumewa Technologies

This is a very useful product. I use it for my front end websites. Easy to use. Lots of examples on the site and repo. Great product support also.

Oleksandr Viktor

Senior ASP.NET Core / C# / SQL Server / Telerik Blazor UI Developer, Business Net Solutions Ltd

For anyone reading this that is not a Progress Telerik customer yet, this (customer support) is why I have been since 2010. Great controls / components but even better service.

Renier Pretorius

Owner, Consultlink

An artisan-crafted product out of the box for a developer with less time to do with the UI and other details. Just focus on your logic, the rest is handled very well.

Evlv Digital

Dev, Evlv Digital

Telerik UI for Blazor is a great product. It saves time, high performance and Professional Look.

Mahmoud Helmy

Senior Data Scientists, Kuwait University

I've been testing Blazor components from a variety of providers and hands-down, the Telerik ones are the best - great UX, fast, easy to extend/implement.

Chris Woodard

Technical Consultant, Avisra

Very happy with the current control set, the progress to release new controls and the extending of current functionality. The controls are fast and easy to implement. Support is one of the best I've had to deal with. Friendly response and they always try to help you with examples, custom made for you examples and if what you want/need is not yet possible they try to find a workaround for you.

Jurgen Mangé

, SGS Belgium NV

I saw Telerik UI components in YouTube videos and then I loved it. It is going to be a blast using them!

M Imamul Hassan Khan

Developer, Xenon Solutions Ltd.

I'm excited to see partners like Telerik creating custom UI controls for Blazor. The Telerik UI controls make building beautiful web apps with lots of rich functionality sooooo easy!

Daniel Roth

Program Manager, Microsoft

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What's New with Telerik UI for Blazor


Brand-New Compact Grid feature in Telerik UI for Blazor Grid

The Telerik UI for Blazor Grid is now equipped with a brand-new Compact Grid feature, enabling you to effortlessly remove all extra or unused white space, margins and paddings from the elements that build up the component.

Telerik UI for Blazor Signature Component 370x200

New Telerik UI for Blazor Signature Component

Empower users to draw a handwritten signature using a mouse or a hand gesture on touch devices with the intuitive Blazor Signature UI component.


New Telerik UI for Blazor Chip Component

Leverage the dynamic UI building blocks within the Telerik UI for Blazor Chip component to display information in stylish containers called chips or pills.

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