How can Facebook’s power be so high?

You’ve heard the name of Facebook a lot, and you may have used it. Within this article we will tell you in detail,

  • What is Facebook?
  • What can you do, using Facebook?
  • How has Facebook’s imperativeness grown so much within digital marketing today?

What is Facebook?

First of all if we look at Facebook, we will see what Facebook is for you. Facebook is just a social networking program.

That you can use to connect with your friends or people in any corner of the world. This is a very powerful tool. It is also the most used networking website in the world. What do you do now using Facebook? What is the most common function to use, how you can create your profile.

How you can create your profile?

You use one of your social, you create a profile in which you put a picture, and sometimes you even have your family photos on it. There is a digital persona happening over Facebook, in your name.

Friend List:

If we go ahead with this, Facebook has a very common function, the Friend List Creation. That means you have a small family, in the form of a friend list, over Facebook. These friends can be from any corner of the world. If viewed from a company perspective, we call this friend list a community listing.

Uploading Pictures:

Next comes us, a function of uploading and sharing pictures. Which is a very common function of Facebook. Many people are also using this function. Inside, if you’ve been on a trip, you’re sharing lots of fun photos. This is a very important function that companies also use on Facebook.


Chatting is another function we often use, using Facebook. This is a very important function in the company’s perspective. This function allows the company to chat with its customers or users by connecting with them.

If we look ahead, it comes to us, a function of group pages and fan pages. Most businesses are doing standby. Some are businesses, but there are also groups that create a group within their area, above the interest base, and live it on the Facebook page. Inside are different people talking on their different interest? Now a common man, any ordinary person, is using this major function, using the Facebook website.

How can Facebook’s power be so high?

If we talk about it, how can Facebook’s power be so high? And why we say, that Facebook is the lifeline for a digital marketer. These are very simple functions that you can still use. But Importance is for another reason Facebook. Facebook is the largest importer of 1.4 billion daily active users. Yes, about one and a half billion people are using Facebook daily. Of those 1.5 billion people, there are 300 million people who post photos daily on Facebook. If you have one and a half billion people on Facebook every day and if you think about the prospect of the company, how much more potentials do you have, to sell your product and service online on Facebook.

Business on Facebook:

And then there are the 300 million people who are uploading their pictures on Facebook on a daily basis, and want to see these pictures in return, on other people’s updates. If we look ahead, over five million comments are being shared on Facebook, and over 16 million businesses are appearing on Facebook on a daily basis. So the company you’re working for is not alone. There are also more companies that are notorious. Now this is the power Facebook has, but there are challenges with that power, because so much content and so much of the world that Facebook is looking at, to become a good digital marketer or a good Facebook marketer. The content you are creating should be so powerful that you can harness and exploit the true power of Facebook.

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