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Visual studio 2022, .NET 6 & .NET 7 support

Telerik UI for WinUI

Create state of the art Windows desktop apps with the best-in-class WinUI controls suite. Brought to you by the creators of Telerik UI for WPF & WinForms.


Telerik UI for WinUI is now production-ready for Win32 apps!

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UI for WinUI Components Key Features

Feature Rich Controls for Building Powerful WinUI Apps

Unparalleled quality is our top priority - embrace the power of the new WinUI framework and streamline your application development process with highly customizable and feature rich controls.

Fluent-inspired Look & Feel

Want to ensure consistent look and feel alongside a powerful performance? Look no further! The default look and feel of the Telerik UI suite for WinUI is Fluent-inspired and supports the native Windows theming (Light and Dark).

Superior Performance

From the engineering talent that brought you Telerik UI for WPF and WinForms, our WinUI suite is built with performance in mind – every component we ship is optimized for maximum performance with endless customization capabilities.

Build One App for 1+ Billion Windows Devices

The new state-of-the-art Telerik controls for WinUI ship with touch support, enabling you to deploy your application on over 1 billion devices running on Windows 10.

Built-in Accessibility & Localization

The Telerik controls for WinUI come with built-in accessibility functionalities such as Microsoft UI Automation and High Contrast Themes, as well as custom localization support.

Intuitive API & MVVM support

Kick-start your WinUI application development with intuitive API and controls that are fully compatible with MVVM.


Greatness—it’s one thing to say you have it, but it means more when others recognize it. Telerik is proud to hold the following industry awards.

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Flexible Packaging Tailored to Your Needs

You can buy Telerik UI for WinUi individually or as a part of the DevCraft bundle. If you want to be covered for all .NET and JavaScript technologies or need a reporting, mocking or testing solution, the DevCraft bundles offers the most value for money—and the most power.

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Buy Telerik UI for WinUI

Buy the best in class WinUI controls to build state of the art Windows 10 desktop applications.

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Buy DevCraft Bundle

Get the complete bundle of .NET controls, JavaScript components, reporting, automated testing and productivity tools.

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Starting at $1,299

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What's New with Telerik UI for WinUI

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New Control: WinUI Calculator

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New WordsProcessing Feature: Add Table of Contents

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WinUI Day-Zero support for .NET 7

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