How Long Does It Take To Learn Adwords?


Millions of people search every day to find their own results on goal. Or to find a solution to any of your problems. Most people find this solution. Because that’s what Google does. So what does Google do? Google offers solutions to you in two ways. Google gives you Ads. And one gives you SEO results – above what you see. They are Ads. And what comes down is the SEO section. The above Ads are all part of Google Adwords. We understand that before moving on to Google AdWords. Which type of search engine does Google search? Only then will we understand. How we have to market them.

So first comes the Audience that wants to know things. So what we have to do is provide that thing to them. Which is the other type of Audience? The second type of Audience comes from someone who wants to roam or wants to go somewhere. So we have to tell. Let’s go here. If you want this thing, so you get this thing here. Next comes the Audience who wants to do something. I would like to take a bath in the swimming pool. Or do I need to repair the phone? Or anything to do. So we have to give them a solution. What you have in your heart is something you can find. The most important thing is what the Audience says that we need the right product. So we have to provide that product to them.

What are the main types of ads?

Text Ad:

People search for keywords. Then your ad is triggered.

Display Ad:

The picture here shows. Here you can recharge your customer well. But what’s the problem here? There you were showing your results on the search engine. Here you are showing your Ads above the related site. That is, you are promoting your product.

When do we target the search engine?

We will then target the search engine as she searches for Their results on Google. What type is your target audience? You know exactly the details.

If we have to brand our product

When we find out. The searcher doesn’t even know about us. So he is browsing a fashion blog magazine blog. The site contains your ad. Which is above your fashion store. Or on top of a fashion brand. He will click on it. It will go to the top of your website. He knew about the fashion website. But he did not know about your website. It opened your site. Your traffic increased, and you got a new viewer. If you are providing good things, that customer will always be with you.

Why should I use Google Adwords?

Why should I use Google AdWords? Why should I not use anything else? The first thing that comes up here is targeting. You can easily target your Audience. What’s this guy’s interest? What word does he use? We can go to Detail in a very good way. After that, we can also track. That we have run the campaign. How much agreement is coming on this? You will know what your marketing goals are. He’s going right. Or going wrong. If I want to run my campaign for $ 1, I can run my campaign for $ 1. No one is forcing you to spend that much money every day. He will tell you that ten of your servants are Reich. It does not matter. I will only recycle ten servants. But I won’t spend more than a dollar. Because I don’t get much Profit for that.

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